Past Drum Majors

The Drum Majors are responsible for leading the JFK Marching Mustangs on and off the field, as well as leading the band during warmups and rehearsals. They are the most visible members of the most visible ensemble at JFK. Their faces reflect the utmost in pride and they are beacons of school spirit.

Drum Majors
Field Show
2018-2019 McKenna Blair, Alexandra Mazza Shuffle
2017-2018 Baljot Singh, McKenna Blair Mandala
2016-2017 Jamea Torres, Baljot Singh From Dusk Till Dawn
2015-2016 Nicholas Brennan, Katelyn Poisler Puppetmaster
2014-2015 Madhav Patel, Nish Basheri JFK: 50 Years of Excellence
2013-2014 Madhav Patel, Nish Basheri Music for a Darkened Stadium
2012-2013 Daniel Javier, Nicholas Green From Hogwarts, With Love
2011-2012 John Perez, Adam Schwing The Incredibles
2010-2011 John Perez, Adam Schwing Journey
2009-2010 Emily Moss, Alison Ramos Earth, Wind and Fire
2008-2009 Rebecca Barber, Emily Moss Music from Mamma Mia, Rent and Wicked
2007-2008 Adrian Ramos, Rebecca Barber Latin
2006-2007 Zyril Carilo, Adrian Ramos Phantom of the Opera
2005-2006 Zyril Carilo, Adrian Ramos Chicago
2004-2005 Zyril Carilo Pirates of the Caribbean
2003-2004 Makkeda Loyal, David Hur Beach Boys
2002-2003 Viel Carilo, Makkeda Loyal Charlie Brown
2001-2002 Kathryn Retkwa, Megan Gironda, Viel Carilo West Side Story
2000-2001 Melissa Hufford, Kathryn Retkwa, Megan Gironda Jesus Christ Superstar
1999-2000 Shwetha Iyer, Melissa Hufford Grease!
1998-1999 Yul Baker, Shwetha Iyer
1997-1998 Michael Norman, Yul Baker
1996-1997 Michael Norman
1995-1996 Reginald Dizon, Jacqueline Gessner John Williams
1994-1995 Christine Miller, Reginald Dizon Latin
1993-1994 Linda Hora, Christine Miller Broadway
1992-1993 Jennifer Axen, Linda Hora Nautical Theme
1991-1992 Kim Gamache, Jennifer Axen John Williams
1990-1991 Brenda Barth, Kim Gamache
1989-1990 Christine Bove, Brenda Barth
1988-1989 Karina Trejo, Christine Bove
1987-1988 Cheryl Detlefsen, Karina Trejo
1986-1987 Theresa Hunter, Cheryl Detlefsen
1985-1986 Theresa Hunter, Bruce Chistensen
1984-1985 Lisa Alessi, Daniel Rocha
1983-1984 Scott Powers, Lisa Alessi
1982-1983 Denise Ballak, Scott Powers
1981-1982 Sue Korte
1980-1981 P. Voulu
1979-1980 Sue Korte
1978-1979 Robin Duesterdick
1977-1978 Robin Duesterdick
1976-1977 Lauren Pettipaw
1975-1976 Linda Richvalsky, Denise Redler
1974-1975 Nancy Knowles, Bob Worth, Linda Richvalsky
1973-1974 Karen O’Neill
1971-1972 Julie Buglovsky, Judy Hegedus
1970-1971 Margaret Bonfiglio, Julie Buglovsky
1967-1968 S. Korte
1966-1967 Hello Young Lovers, The Impossible Dream, Spanish Flea
1964-1965 J. Ferri